Swivel USB Drives Customized with your logo

Swivel USB drives are capless classic, you don't need to worry about losing the usb drive caps. These promotional flash drives are very practical and perfect for giveaway events.

You can choose any name or logo to be engraved on the frame.

Have your personalized capless usb drives made from metal, wood, plastic, leather and other materials. They also come in various designs, please browse through our selection of capless usb flash drives!

UFO USB Flash Drive TOS21

Tony USB Flash Drive TOS20

Egg shape Swivel USB Pendrive TOS19

Metal Twist USB Stick Keychain TOS18

Metal Twist USB Flash Drive Keychain TOS17

Metal Twist USB Memory TOS16

Twist USB Flash Drive USB 3.0 TOS15

Egg shape Twist USB Pendrive TOS14

Micro Swivel USB Flash Drive TOS13

Mini Swivel USB Flash Drive TOS12

Slim USB Flash Drive TOS11

Swivel USB Stick TOS10

Knife Twist USB Flash Drive TOS09

Swivel USB Flash drive pendrive TOS01

Swivel Metal Usb Drive TOS02

Twist Metal Usb Drive TOS03

Carabiner USB Flash Drive TOS05

Clear Swivel Usb Drive TOS06

Metal Swivel Usb Drive TOS07

Knife Shape Usb Drive TOS08