Novelty USB Flash Drives - many cool and royalty free products to choose from.

For over a decade we developed and created custom USB drives for personal and business use. I this category we introduce cool novelty USB flash drives that are royalty free and do not require creation of custom mold.

We offer variety of shapes, colors and designs make a powerful, memorable impression
All you need to do is select a product that best matches your needs and we will customize it with your logo or text. Keep in mind that we no longer need to create mold, so you will get these cool novelty USB drives at much lower prices.

Motorcycle Race F1 Shape USB Pendrive TNO39

Motorcycle Shape USB Pendrive TNO38

Roller Skate Shape Pendrive TNO37

Cartoon Mickey Hand Pendrive TNO37

Cartoon Animal Dog USB Pendrive TNO36

Mickey Minnie Mouse Pendrive TNO35

Cartoon Bowknot USB Flash Drive TNO33

Cartoon USB Lizard Pendrive TNO32

Sesame Street Frog USB Pendrive TNO31

Cartoon Big Eyes Frog Pendrive TNO30

Wholesale Cartoon Nurse USB Pen Drive TNO29

Building Block Pendrive TNO28

The Simpsons Pendrive TNO27

Tree Man USB Pendrive TNO26

Halloween skull USB Pen Drive TNO23

Game of Thrones Pendrive TNO25

New Superman USB flash Drive TNO24

Sadness Anger Joy Cartoon Pendrive TON023

Snowman Christmas Tree Pendrive TON021

Pig USB Flash Drive TON020

Panda USB Flash Drive TON019

Nimo fish USB Flash Drive TON018

Peppa Pig USB Flash Drive TON017

Bunny USB Flash Drive TON016

Rabbit USB Flash Drive TON015

Tigger USB Flash Drive TON013

Superhero USB Flash Drive TON012

Cat Duck Lion Rabbit Crow USB Flash Drive TON11

Monkey Cartoon USB Flash Drive TON10

SpongeBob USB Flash Drive TON09

Golf bag shape USB Flash Drive TON08

Unicorn Cartoon USB Flash Drive TON07

Egg Smile Face USB Flash Drive TON06

Emoji Expression USB Flash Drive TON05

Brazil family USB Flash Drive TON03

The Simpsons USB Flash Drive TON02

Cafe Mini Duck USB Flash Drive TON01